Speciality Services

Exceptional customer service extends beyond delivering accurate and timely orders. Our historical biology, oncology, vaccine and other specialty products have enabled us to develop account teams that are true experts in their market segments. We understand industry trends and work proactively with you to address new products introductions, break orders and other supply developments.

Balancing vaccine supply and demand in a fluctuating market consumes valuable time and resources. We proudly carry a wide range of vaccines at competitive prices, all owing you to provide these vital services conveniently and cost effectively.

Specific to the women’s health market, we offer a wide range of family planning products including competitive pricing  on oral and injectables anti-biotic and contraceptives, infertility treatments, pediatric and adult hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, HPV Vaccines.

Atidam Pharmaceuticals provides a comprehensive solution to your Oncology needs. Regardless of pharmacy size, our full-line of products supports oncology needs with a personalized approach and competitive pricing.